Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Next Project

I have a room that bores me to tears and it's time for a face lift!

I recently started a new position that gives me the flexibility of working from home at times. My plan is for this room to function as both a workspace and a guest room.

The style I'm going for is cottage/country chic. I'm planning to do a linen color on the walls. The headboard and footboard on the bed are going and I'm on the search for an old door to create a new headboard. This pictures sums up the color theme I'm aiming for.

(From The Inspired Room)

I brought up two piceces of furniture from the basement that are in need of painting. I'd like the bookcase to be a white-washed and the desk to be the distressed blueish color (like hutch in above picture.) Problem is I have NO clue how to refinish furniture! Any tips/ideas/inspiration for me?


les_mason_curt said...

girrrrl, i am on the same path. i have furnature to re-finish and no freakin clue how to. i will let you know if i get any wonderful tips to share... hopefully one of us will... loving the blog. cannot wait to see the re-sone room pictures...

Just say Julie said...

I've painted some dressers, and did some crackle finishes. DIY network has some tutorials... all I can say is make sure you sand off whatever finish is on there or your paint will peel back off :(

Crystal said...

Hi, found your blog a couple of days ago. I'm in the same situation. These two blogs have some good ideas for decorating.
Good luck with your organizing and decorating.

Cherry's Jubilee said...

Hi there! I like to use liquid sandpaper. You just wipe it on and than paint! If something has a poly on it than I worry about priming/sanding but if it just another paint...I always just go over it with my new paint and have never had a problem. The old paint is like a primer. Just take that step and go to it. I love your inspiration pic. My blog has several of my painted projects..come visit sometime. cherry

~*Paty*~ said...

Thanks for grabbing a button....I grabbed yours a well! Good luck on your project. I love doing projects like this. I like the theme you are going for. Those are like my favorite colors!

Wep said...

Very pretty :) I just redid a room to be an office for me, but I still wanted it to be a guest room. I solved it with a sofa bed. Maybe someday it will be a nursery when I'm done with my degree and my husband stops being afraid of children.

Joe Girl said...

I've refinished quite a few pieces: bed frames, dressers, desks, all 54 kitchen doors, drawers and cabinets...

Sanding isn't *always* necessary. Your best friends will quickly become:
– TSP (Tri-Sodium Phosphate) to wipe down the pieces first.
– Melamine paints, which CAN be tinted to any colour. Don't let anyone tell you they only come in 12 stock colours!
– small, foam rollers for a smooth finish.
– stain-and-varnish-in-one products (try Minwax's line - wonderful!)

Be patient. Don't rush. Your finished pieces will be your reward. I can email some pics or more details if you'd like ;)


Joe Girl said...

Oh, if you're considering a paint colour, have a look at Pratt & Lambert's Silver Birch 18-31. My 2-year old son's room (formerly guest room, but I liked it enough to keep it) is this colour.

The chip looks more gray than green, but on all four walls, it is the loveliest, sweetest, soft, fresh green imaginable. Very restful and would work fabulously with your country cottage d├ęcor.

See our former guest room here:

Have FUN!

Crystal said...

I wanted you to know how much I enjoy your blog and I wanted to introduce others to your blog too. I left an award for you on my blog! Hope you will drop by and pick it up.

Joe Girl said...

Hey Tara!

Did you receive the pics I emailed you last night? Let me know if I need to re-send...

joannelauzon at gmail dot com

Kally said...

I love that shabby/cottage chic look. Wish I could convince the Mr to let me do that to our bedroom.

At Home Redesigns said...

This sounds like a great plan. Painting furniture is pretty easy...just sand (you don't have to get the finish off, just rough it up so the paint will hold). I like spraypaint ... use a primer (light coat, repeat, light coat, repeat, etc.) and then the finishing coat. If you use a white primer, let's say, then the blue paint...you can lightly sand along the edges etc. for that vintage look.

Good luck!

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