Sunday, July 27, 2008

Pots and Pans

So after lots of searching it seems they have discontinued this particular model. I can't find it anywhere. There are others like it on the market, so I'll be doing more research and hope to find a good one!

What a perfect idea for pots and pans?! Kitchen storage is always a struggle for me and this is perfect to fit them in a smaller space! Think I might need to invest in something like this!


Wep said...

O MY GOD. Where did you FIND that? You would be my husbands personal hero if you post a link.

Veggie Mom said...

Thanks so much for the Oprah best wishes! Hope to see you around soon!

Just say Julie said...

I was looking for one of those today! Where did you find one. It's on my must have list!

Monica Olsen said...

Hi :) can i have the link on where i can get one like this? :) I have no room for my pans, so it will help me alot :)

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