Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Lets Get Organized!

My journey to an organized home! I will share tips, advice, whats working, whats not, as well as pictures and updates of my progress.


Megan said...

Hey! I found you through SITS and love the look of your site. I love to organize, but my house doesn't show it :) It is a life-long process I suppose.

Joe Girl said...

Hey Tara!

Thanks for your comment at JoeGirl.com — How'd you find me?

I love that you are going to blog your journey to organize. I will certainly follow. My house is somewhat organized, but everything is overflowing. So yes, I need to purge. Badly. I recently told a friend I could easily get rid of about 30% of the STUFF in my house. Now it’s a personal challenge... I just haven't started yet! ARGH!!!

Good luck! Love the blog!
Joe @ JoeGirl.com

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